Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gowlland Tod Provinical Park, Saanich, Victoria, Vancouver Island BC

This is Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, westcoast rainforest.    Only a 10 minute drive from my house.

My favourite thing to do is walk in our Provinical Parks - Smell the evergreen trees, the musty smell from the moss and forest underbrush, see new wild spring flowers starting to spring up. You can hear the rushing sound of a river bed below. You can see the streaks of sunlight shining through the trees. Our little bit of heaven here on the Island.

Here is the official write up . . .
The Gowlland Range is a rich area of biodiversity where seashore, open forest and rocky outcrops support more than 100 resident species of bird, in addition to cougar, Black-tailed Deer and the occasional Black Bear. In spring and early summer, the moss-covered knolls offer an abundant display of wildflowers.

The clear waters of Finlayson Arm are home to a rare and fascinating variety of marine life, such as cloud sponges, lamp shells, anemones, wolf eel, Killer Whales, River Otter and seals. Scuba diving opportunities from shore abound along the Finlayson Arm of Saanich Inlet.

The 1,219-hectare park contains an extensive network of hiking trails that date back to the area's history of logging and mineral development. These old mining and logging roads in the park now serve as hiking trails today, providing more than 40 kilometres of trails, with magnificent opportunities for day trips.
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— at Gowlland Tod Provinical Park, Saanich, Victoria, Vancouver Island BC

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