Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was busy in the months of  May and June  making this  Fur bear made from  a recycled fur coat. This Teddy Bear took about 10 hours to make was a special gift to my sister in law for her birthday and retirement.   I also made the little straw hat.  

Another project that I have been working on for two years, yes folks two years. I am teaching myself how to embroider and   I decided I am going to round up all my UFO's  ( unfinished objects) and get them completed.   I must admit this isn't quite finished to my satisfaction as I want to add a few more french knots  and beads and then frame it.   I bought a shadow box frame for it.  

My little fabric silk puse

A number of years ago I attended the Pacific Northwest Quilt Show in Seattle Washington and purchaseds some silk and used kimono material from the  Shibori Dragon booth along with this really cute little purse pattern by "Kathryn's of Course".   I started to make the purse and got hung up on the instructions.   They were not all that complicated but I felt intimidated by it.   You need to make the lining separate from the purse and stack them one on top of the other, sew them together and then turn them inside out.   I finally finished it this month and I am really pleased on how it turned out.  I need to have more confidence in what I do. Can't wait to make another one now that I know how to do it.